Friday, January 25, 2013

Land Ho

Keeping our beach hut building skills up to date we decided to make a quick little shelter from an incoming storm. Scavenging materials is much easier when the islands don't get any visitors.
Proper site selection has to do with gauging the tides and picking a spot where you have to move as little materials as possible.
We built a waist high stone wall for the front and went with classic A frame style. Even lucked out with finding a 6' pallet for the floor!
The entrance was in back and the roof was actually quite nice. If one wanted to stay an hour to work lacing in spruce branches, it would have made a liveable shelter until winter arrived.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

How to: A Traditional Maine Lobster Bake

Post lobster bake I am not sure if we should be happy or sad. 

Happy because we had an amazing feast after a very rough day of sailing or sad because we quite literally may have had the best lobster we will ever have in our entire lives to come. I know this sounds like a bold claim but where in the world do they have better lobsters than in Maine? 

Within Maine they have one particular area that is coveted as producing the best lobsters in Maine, yes you guessed it, Ragged Island. Which is where we had found ourselves. Fresh lobsters are the best, no one will argue that, so we literally had to row out to the lobster boat and they handpicked us the delicious creatures right out of that hours catch. Did I mention that it was 40 knot winds that was funneling into the cove where our boat was moored amongst the lobster boats that RJ and our new friend Derek (worked for the lobster boat) had to row through?

Finally cooking the lobsters in a pile of kelp gathered minutes before and thrown on a driftwood fire is the undisputed best way to cook. Enjoy our photo's highlighting how to do a real lobster bake and hopefully someday you to will get a chance to enjoy!
Due to the heavy winds and chop in the harbor we had to carry our dinghy around to launch above the lobster boat and get pushed down wind to meet it.

RJ and the stern man rowing back for the lobster boat.

Not drive thru.