No, we aren't on vacation, we are living an ultra simplified life in an attempt to find what is really a necessity and learning to become as self-sufficient as possible. Through selling most of our possessions including vehicles, extraneous clothes and anything we don't use consistently we managed to be able to squeeze into a small boat and make it our home base. Combining a healthy dose of DIY, motivation and some sacrifice we are trying to get back to basics and see what we have been hiding with our possessions.

In our ever evolving plan we would like to move our home base to avoid bad weather and use that time to explore what else the world has to offer. We aim to leave as small of a foot print as possible, consuming only what we need. With a goal of educating ourselves with languages, green living, Yoga, cooking and other skills that can hopefully help us live a fulfilling life.

Follow us on our journey as we explore, surf, climb, practice and teach yoga, discover good eats, live, laugh and love along the way.

Leave comments, email us, ask questions, tell us where you've been and where you're going.  

This is our story.

Nick and Carolyn