Thursday, February 28, 2013


The mainsheet car got a little mangled over the Summer so it was time for a facelift. You can't see the stress cracks on the bail but trust me they are there. As you guessed a new one is insanely expensive for something that is not even built very well. Along with the price in the future I would like to upgrade the entire track to the next size up so making a car investment right now didn't seem right. Kicking around a few ideas, most adding up to to much money, I decided on a rebuild.

The "new" car leaned on the side of more heavy duty. Went with a stainless tube welded onto the car and threaded a 1/2" stainless eye into it complete with a heavy duty nut inside. The machine screws are in place to hold the control lines. Not only will the new car be much stronger than the old one, minus the bearings which are the same, it cost 1/5th the price.

All rigged up, the new eye rotates to takes some stress off the block. Now I need to find a source for replacement sheeves. The control lines and many blocks are starting to show the age.

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